447 - Dakkota Grey - Snug As A Bug

21:44 video

Dakkota was a fastidious housekeeper, but she had no idea that would be her undoing.  She was so focused on her vacuuming that she never heard the intruder sneaking up on her until it was too late!  Grabbed from behind and dragged into her bedroom, the beautiful blonde soon found herself wrapped tightly and securely in two heavy comforters. To make matters worse, the intruder had wrapped her from ankles to shoulders in strong, sticky tape!  Her mouth sealed with a panel gag buckled savagely tight, the girl could only murmur and mewl as she squirmed and wriggled in her inescapable cocoon.  When the intruder returned and threw her onto the bed, she began to panic in earnest, knowing she was helpless to prevent him from doing anything he wished.  Her only calming thought was that wrapped as she was, assault of a more intimate nature was out of the question.  Still, she knew she had to escape, and she thrashed as best she was able, flopping about on the bed like a fish out of water, desperate for oxygen.  He feet wiggled uselessly in her thick socks, and the temperature inside the blanket was rising quickly!  Her exertions only made her warmer and more exhausted, but after the intruder returned to tell her she would be leaving with him, exactly as she was, to disappear forever, she found renewed strength, screaming into her gag as she bucked and kicked, but it was no use!  The packaged plaything's fate was sealed as tightly as her cocoon!

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