448 - Jeanette's Reluctant Workout

11:26 video

Jeanette was all set to leave for her fitness class, but the strange man had other ideas!  She quickly found herself taped tightly to a chair, her mouth filled with a bright red ball gag that nearly matched her tight leotard.  Unable to call for help, she fought against her sticky bonds, but the only movement she could manage was to open and close her legs impotently.  She hated to do so, knowing the creep was fixated on her crotch and the way the leotard rode up, but she had to get free!  Finally, the man revealed his intentions:  his girlfriend was a fitness instructor, and in Jeanette's absence, she'd teach the class and take Jeanette's job!  Before he left, however, he needed to quiet her down a bit more, and so he stuffed her mouth with an old rag and wrapped tape tightly around her pretty face!  Now left alone, "mmmmpppphhh"ing frantically into her packed and sealed mouth, the girl struggled like mad to get loose, but it was no use.  Still, she did manage to get quite a workout!

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