442 - Claire Irons - Reams of Rope

18:47 video

Claire planned on a relaxing evening at home in her pajamas, but when the strange man leapt out of the bathroom and pulled the sexy blonde into his clutches, she knew that her plans were about to change!  Bound in hundreds of feet of rope, the fit blonde beautywas helpless to stop her assailant as he stuffed her mouth and wrapped microfoam tape around her head, rendering her completely silent.  She struggled and strained to escape the ropes, but it was no use.  Finally managing to work her way to a standing position, she slowly and painfully hopped toward her front door hoping to at least get away from the madman, but before she could work the knob, her returned and placed her in a tight hogtie.  left squirming on the floor, Claire began to panic as her mind began to play out all the horrible things this crazed captor could do to her in her helpless state.  Soon, it seemed as though her worst fears would be realized as she was lashed tightly to her own bed, her hair tied to the bedrails to minimize her movements.  Her struggles began to grow weaker, just as the man had planned.  When she no longer had any fight left in her, the poor girl was in for a rude surprise!

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