439 - Fayth's Outdoor Strappado

13:56 video

When Fayth suggested we spend some time outdoors, I think she had something drastically different in mind.  Dressed in a simple t-shirt, jean shorts and bare feet, she starts things off in a very simple position.  A crotch rope anchors her to one end of the steel frame, her bound wrists anchored behind her to the other end of the frame.  She's gagged with a tight cleave gag made of medical wrap, but that doesn't keep Fayth very quiet.  I enter and begin to make life miserable for her by pulling her into a strappado, binding her elbows, and making sure to anchor everything to the crotchrope, so she will always have some unwanted pressure digging into her sex.  She's starting to get really loud now, so I add a few more layers to her gag, completely sealing her face from chin to nose.  A few winds of electrical tape force that deep into her mouth, cleaving her brutally.  Already forced to balance on her tip toes, I tie one foot up in the air so now her balance is even more precarious!  Moaning and trying to keep from falling, she cannot help but twist helplessly back in forth in her bondage.  Since I grow tired of the constant movement, I catch her on the next spin and anchor her in place with a bit more rope!  Now, her arms hoisted up in the air behind her back, her foot pulled high off the ground behind her, and forced to endure all her weight on her tip toes, she's truly miserable.  The bright side?  At least she got to enjoy a lovely afternoon outdoors!

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