437 - Amanda's Tit Tied Terror

30:52 video

When the creepy man broke into her home, Amanda was already terrified, but when he commanded her to strip put of her clothes and began binding her to a chair, she really grew frightened.  Her mouth filled with a huge red ball, she was powerless to prevent him from securing her shapely, helpless body.  Only capable of the barest minimum of struggles, she still tried to free herself, but she was no match for the ropes of the stranger.  When he pulled the ball gag from her mouth she thought she would have the chance to scream for help, but he immediately wrapped a thick cloth between her teeth, winding it around her head again and again.  Next he took a roll of black electrical tape and reinforced her gag with it, each winding of the sticky stuff cleaving her mouth with greater and greater severity until she could only offer wet, gurgling groans from behind the gag.  The stranger added more ropes to her body, accentuating her full natural breasts, before he left her alone once more to endure her plight.  Once she was certain she could never escape, she resigned herself to accept her situation, only to find herself being made even more helpless by the stranger.  Two thick handkerchiefs were stuffed into her mouth, fully packing her cheeks, and then he sealed them in place with clear tape.  He began tightly binding each of her breasts in turn until they swelled and throbbed painfully.  She thought he could not possibly be any crueler, but was forced to change her mind when the nipple clamps bit into her tender buds!  Even more rope was added, and finally, he attached a thin cored to the chain connecting the clamps, and ran the cord between her bound knees.  Pulling tightly, he forced her to raise her feet off the floor, and keep them suspended, lest she pull the chain connecting the clamps!  Unfortunately for Amanda, her evening was just beginning!!

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