433 When Uncle's Away - Ayla and Bailey

15:19 video

Bailey's uncle was leaving town on an extended vacation, and he had only one rule for the feisty girl:  Her girlfriend, Ayla, was NOT allowed to spend the night while her uncle was away.  Despite promising him, Bailey was on the phone to her friend the second her uncle had left.  Soon, Ayla was stripped to her bra and panties and reclining on Bailey's bed, her arms and legs tied spread-eagled to the corners of the bed.  Bailey left her alone for a few moments to writhe seductively in the ropes, but soon Bailey was straddling the pretty young blonde, strapping a big ball-gag into her mouth before showing Ayla her special surprise: A powerful, pink, vibrator!  Ayla giggles and squirms as Bailey teases her with the toy, Ayla's growing excitement evident by the ever expanding wet spot in her panties.  Soon, the giggles give way to moans and screams of pleasure as Ayla trembles and shakes at Bailey's touch.  Bailey loves the sounds Ayla makes with each orgasm, and she's greatly turned on by the way Ayla arches and shivers with each climax!  Soon, Ayla is completely spent and as the girls cuddle, Ayla basking in the glow of multiple climaxes, Bailey seductively whispers to her lover: "Now, it's MY turn!"


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