430 - Rachel's Kneeling Poletie

23:51 video

When Rachel saw the stripper pole waiting for her, she knew she was in for an uncomfortable afternoon, but she had no idea how uncomfortable it would get! Starting simply with her fully nude, her wrists bound behind her back, her mouth stuffed with a big red ball gag, and forced to kneel as she is bound facing the pole, she's given a few moments to try and get loose before things begin to get infinitely worse!  More and more ropes are added, fusing more and more of her body to the pole, and what little movement she had in her arms and wrists is quickly removed when her elbows are lashed together and her arms yanked up into a chicken wing position!  The strain is already starting to get to her, and she grunts and gurgles around the gag with each new addition to her torment.  Next, her feet are lashed together and pulled off the ground, anchored to her bound elbows!  All of her weight is centered on her knees now, and she's really beginning to whimper, especially as ropes are looped around her torso and begin crushing her chest, all the while pulling her tighter and tighter against the pole, her bare breasts jutting out from either side.  Of course, targets like that certainly deserve plenty of attention, so of course we have to crush her nipples in a pair of steel clamps!  As she sobs in pain, her gag is removed and replaced with a harness ball gag, strapped in extra tightly, and the ring at the top is brought into play as her toes are bound in twine and pulled up severely before being anchored to the top of the gag.  Now, with her head arched back, her toes arched up, her nipples throbbing from the clamps, she's about to learn what uncomfortable means in my house!

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