428 - Savannah the Assassin

19:37 video

Savannah the assassin had successfully broken into her intended victim's apartment, but it must have been her first day on the job, because she quickly found herself overpowered, bound and gagged! Since she refused to divulge the identity of her employer, the "victim" decided that he'd help her out by showing her exactly how to eliminate a person, and poor Savannah would be the subject of the demonstration!  Lashed to a chair, her gagged swapped out for a tightly buckled leather panel gag, Svannah could only twitch and grunt helplessly as the instrument of her demise was strapped to her body!  Her "victim" left her alone with the explosive, confdent that the poor girl would not escape!  And deep in the back of Savannah's mind, she was sure he was correct!

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