427 - Genevieve - I Told You This Day Would Come

20:34 video

Poor Genevieve!  I told her ths day would come, but she didn't believe me.  Her friends all warned her that I wuld do this to her eventually, but she chalked it up to jealousy on their part.  How distressed she was to find out all the warnings were true!  Taped tightly to a chair, she struggles to get loose before I go through with my plan.  Before she can escape, I return and stuff a huge ball gag into her mouth, knowing she'll be screaming soon and I need to keep her quiet so my plan can continue undisturbed.  Drooling, mewling and gag talking, she begins to panic in earnest now, especially when I tell her the gag isn't good enough for my liking.  No sooner is it removed than a large rag is stuffed into her mouth, and a wickedly tight vet wrap cleave gag added to secure it in place!  A bit more tape gaurantees she won't be getting loose, and she gurgles protests through her packed and jacked mouth.  She's still too noisy, so a pair of panties is added over the existing gag and her entire lower face is wrapped drum tight!  Squeaking out a feeble protest, she keeps fighting, but she knows it is useless.  Determined to silence her once and for all, I remove the gag and stuff a large sponge into her mouth!  Barely able to contain the entire thing, her eyes are filled with anquish and dread as I wrap clear tape around her face to seal it all in.  THAT'S the gag I needed!  Now thoroughly silenced and completely helpless, I begin the torture she had been dreading.  What happens next?  Watch this great scene and see! 

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