422 - Nyssa Nevers - Secured In Her Socks

19:41 video

Nyssa had finally escaped her troubled relationship, and now, on the road to start her new life, she was finally settling in for a relaxing evening.  To help easse her nerves, she tried on her favorite Japanese Schoolgirl socks, slowing easing them up each leg before scrunching them down to their proper position.  The socks and her comfortable top and leggings was all she needed to finally put her spirits and her nerves at rest.  Finally letting her gaurd down, she didn't think tiwce about answering the knock that came on the door of her hotel room, and that was her mistake!  She quickly found herself tightly bound by an associate of her husband, hired to bring the busty beauty back home where she belonged!  Fighting the man, she found her mouth stuffed with pantyhose, tied and taped in place!  Not content with the job that gag did, the man added a second layer until it bulged from her face!  Desperate for escape, the girl hrashed and fought the ropes, hopping about the hotel room toward the door, but she never made it!  The man returned and hogtied the woman, leaving her shouting into her packed mouth as she waited helplessly for him to return and pack her into his truck for her not-so-happy homecoming!

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