416 - Genevieve and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Wrap

17:38 video

Genevieve had the strangest nightmare:  Stripped to her lingerie, she's been bound to a pole, confused and helpless.  A strange man entered and stuffed her mouth full with a huge pair of panties, and then wrapped medical tape around her mouth and face, securing her head tightly to the pole!  With her head yanked back, she could only stare upwards as the man begin encasing her body with roll after roll of multi-colored bandages!  Poor Genevieve could only whimper helplessly as she felt the bandages climbing and encircling her body, her flesh disappearing with every new wrap applied by the stranger.  As the bandages climbed up to and over her shoulders, she wondered if he would ever stop!  Finally, her entire head was encased, only her nose exposed to the world!  Squirming and twitching in the tght cocoon, Geneveive whined as the man left!  Unable to call for help, she would remain there for who knew how long?  For Genevieve, it was only a nightmare, but maybe she could turn it into a dream come true?

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