405 - Ayla Aysel - Snatched and Struggling

19:06 video

Ayla loved her job as a witress - she took great pride in making her customers feel like they were special, but one creep took it way too far! Convinced the girl loved him, he snatched her late one night after work and brought her to his hime, determined to make the helpless girl his forever!  As he grobed her large breasts, he was cautious to keep one hand clamped over her mouth so no one would hear her terrified moans!  Wanting his hand free for other things, he stuffed a fat red ball into her mouth and buckled it in tight as he told her of the life they'd have together.  She struggled and sobbed, but how could she stop him?  He left the girl alone to ready her new living quarters, and she fought like mad to escape the ropes he had secured her in, but there wasn't the slightest give in them, no matter how frenzied her struggles as she rolled about the room.  Finally, she spied a cell phone on a nearby table, and began to hop her way across the room hoping to call the police!  As she struggled to make the phone work, the man returned and snatched her away!  Moments later, she found herself tied in only her bra and panties, a huge was of nylons packed into her mouth, and the entire thing sealed in with clear tape!  Bound in a tight ball, the poor girl could only twitch and groan as the strange man continued to feel her up before leaving her alone to watch and enjoy her helpless struggling!

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