404 - BONUS UPDATE - O Christmas Tree!

26:46 video

Rogue was adamant that we not have a Christmas tree this year.  She hates the mess, she dislikes the cost, and she finds cutting down a tree to be offensive environmentally.  However, we do need something to put the presents under, so she'll have to become the substitute!  Stripped to her panties and bound to a pole, she has a pair of old socks stuffed and taped into her mouth, so her cries for help won't disturb the carolers outside!  I wrap her entire body in plastic, leaving only her feet, face and beautiful perky breasts free, and then I cover the poor girl with bright red festive tape!  Now unable to move at all, she cannot stop me from binding her further with a string of festive holiday lights and garland!  Something still seems to be missing, though....ornaments!  A pair of Christmas bulbs hund from each nipple make her truly a wonderful sight, and her gagged mouth ensures a silent night!  In fact, she looks so beautiful, I decide she'll be the perfect image for our Christmas cards this year!  However, I know she doesn't want to be identified all bound and gagged like this, so I come up with a solution!  I wrap her face in plastic and tape, hiding her identity and further silencing the protesting girl!  Since she cannot move or speak, this also seems like the perfect time to tell her that my mother will be spending the holidays with us!  With that news ringing in her ears, I turn out the lights to enjoy some eggnog as my new tree whimpers the night away!

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