400 - Rogue's Red Christmas

11:42 video

Rogue has overdone it this year for Christmas, completly blowing our budget buying gifts for practically anyone she's ever met, so now she has to be punished!  Her wrists are bound behind her back and her body anchored to a pole, a ball gag is stuffed into her mouth and I begin to work her tender flesh with a riding crop.  She's going to get ten strokes for every single gift she's bought, and the only way to reduce her sentence is to vow to return a gift!  As the crop strikes her ass, her incredibly sensitive breasts and the soles of her feet, she yelps and shivers in pain, trying to strike a bargain by gurgling counter offers through the ball gag.  Finally, I've had enough, and change her position.  Now, with her head pointing toward the floor, arms and wrists lashed above her with her back snug gainst the pole, the blood begins to rush to her head as I bring the crop down on her ass again and again until it's a nice Christmas red!  She twitches and dances in oain, as much as her position will allow, and then she's left to struggle as I cart all the gifts up and head back to the sotre!  When I get back, I might even let her down!

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