394 - Captain Marvel Mummified

9:51 video

When last we saw Captain Marvel (Jamie Knotts) she had fallen victim to the evil Dr. Mesmer, master hypnotist and evil supervillain.  After having been mesmerized by his evil hypno-disc, she had first been paralyzed, then found herself bound, gagged and subjected to forced orgasms and electrical torture until her mind had been wiped clean.  Now, with no rememberance of her superheroine identity, she finds herself completely mummified in a cocoon of tight black electrical tape, with only her pretty face and huge breasts exposed!  Unable to cry for help due to the tape gag that sealed her lips shut and unable to escape the constricting, unbreakable cocoon, she can only squirm and whimper in terror as Dr. Mesmer reveals his evil plan:  She is to be permanently brain washed until she's nothing but a willing subservient sex slave!  Writhing in desperate terror as the hypnosis program begins, she struggles to escape her fate!  Can she get free??

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