391 - Rachel Adams - Country Captive

24:51 video

Rachel thought her trip to the country would be so nicd and relaxing, but unfortunately she was caught by a weird cannibal couple who have been playing with her for days on end.  Now, drug out into their country yard, she is massively gagged with a giant sock stuffed in her mouth and a multi-layered silencer consisting of layer after layer of socks and tape!  Now unable to cry for help, the bikini clad beauty is tightly wrapped up in a blanket by the couple as they prepare to throw her into a pit out back!  Left propped against an old wooden card the girl struggles for all she's worth, terrified at being buried alive!  Fortunately, the couple has other plans for her.  Unfortunately, they plan to sell her to another yokel, who loves to cook and eat young ladies!!  As the pair cocoon Rachel in yards and yards of tape, she moans in terror at the thought of her fate!  Transferred into their van, the pretty package is jostled around on the bumpy roads as she fights to free herself before it's too late.  Her hopes sag when the van stops to bestow the final indignity upon her:  A pair of old used panties taped over her head, so she'll have the proper "seasoning" when she arrives for dinner!

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