383 - Claire's Forced Foot Worship Terror

11:01 video

Claire had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there.  As she slowly came to, she was aware of the ball that filled her mouth, held in place by a network of leather straps encircling her head.  She tried to pull her hands up to dislodge the foreign object, but they refused tto cooperate.  As her head began to clear, she realized she had been hogtied, her shirt, shos and socks removed, leaving her helpless and exposed in this strange place!  Drool poured from her mouth and formed a discolored puddle at her chin, thanks to the drug she'd been given that had put her put cold.  Now, as her captor appeared, she cowered and whimpered in fear, wondering what he had planned for her.  As he positioned himself behind her, she feared the worst, but was unprepared for the surprising assault on her feet as her captor licked, sucked, kissed and fondled her bare soles and toes.  She mewled in disgust and terror, but he stopped his foot worship only to change out her gag agan and again.  When he pulled her jeans down to expose her toned ass, she really started to panic, but she could not escape him.  Finally, her body began to betray her as his tongue expertly teased her feet, and she climaxed in shame, left sobbing on the floor until the strange man set her free...or decided he wanted a second helping!

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