371 - Captured In Print

13:36 video

When Rachel spied a bondage magazine laying on the floor, she curiously began to thumb through it.  She was turned on by the images inside, and wished someone would do the same to her.  Before she knew what was happening, a strange noise filled the air, electrical current surrounded the magazine and her body, and she vanished - but NOT into thin air!  She suddenly found herself trqapped inside the pages of the magazine, bound and gagged, struggling in terror as she desperately tried to fighure out how to free herself!  As she thrashed and wriggled, mewling into her gag in a netherworld that held her prisoner, her roommate Genevieve happened into the apartment.  Spying the magazine, she too looked through the pages, stunned to find Rachel struggling within!  In a flash, she too was sucked into the magazine to share Rachel's plight!  The confused women fought madly against their ropes and gags, but there was to be no escape!  There only hope of rescue lay with their landlord who discovered the magazine and saw the struggling ladies inside.  Unfortunately for them, he felt that the magazine would be the perfect companion for those long lonely nights!  The girls would remain trapped, unwilling wank material forever!!

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