369 - Captives in the Attic - Genevieve and Jamie

11:57 video

The attic was sweltering, and the two bank tellers struggled in their bonds as their captor quickly set about the task of silencing them.  First, there mouths were stuffed to capacity, then circuit after circuit of duct tape was wrapped around their heads, sealing the silencing masses behind their fused lips.  As they struggled against the ropes, they wondered if the police would ever track their captor to his hideout before he made a final break fro freedom.  They fought hard for their freedom in the cramped quarters, the stagnant stifling air turning them into sweaty messes as they tried to find even a tiny bit of slack in their bonds but it was no use.  Bored, their captor returned, opening the blouse of the buxom blonde so he could enjoy the sight of her perspiration soaked breasts straining against her bra.  Tiring of the constant thrashing of the pair, he hogtied the duo, their faces inches from the filthy floor of the attic.  He would be making his bid for freedom soon, but he knew he still needed a hostage, both to ensure his safe passage and to while away the lonely hours he would remain in hiding.  But which one should he choose??

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