368 - Mystic Moon Muffled

13:36 video

You'd THINK that when you are bound to a chair in your bra and panties, your mouth is stuffed full with a huge ball gag that forces you to drool all over yourself, and your arms are welded together behind you, you wouldn't find much to laugh about, but Mystic Moon is a different animal.  She can't help but laugh atg the absurdity of her situation: held captive by a burglar who is intent on stealing her valuables.  She responds to his questions with a giggling fit, which angers him so much, he stuffs a huge handkerchief into her mouth and seals it in place with clear tape.  NOW she's not laughing!  In fact, she's barely able to make a sound!  She's soon back to laughing helplessly when the burglar tickles her bare feet, tummy and armpits to convince her to share the location of her stuff!  She can't resist, and she "mmmmppphh"s out the location through her packed and sealed mouth.  Now that the burglar has what he wants, it's time to make a fast getaway!  It's so fast, in fact, that he doesn't bother untying poor Mystic who is left to struggle and hope help comes soon!

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