367 - Nap Interrupted starring Genevieve

14:58 video

Genevieve was so tired, and all she wanted was a nice long nap, but she got so much more!  As she slept, a stranger crept into her room and began to fondle her while she slumbered.  As his hands roamed over her ody, it triggered pleasing moans from the dozing damsel.  Suddenly, she awoke only to have the stranger clamp a rag over her nose and mouth!  As she fought to escape from the hand thaa clamped over her face like a vice, she began to grow drowsy, until once again, she was fast asleep.  When she awoke, she had been tightly bound and securely gagged to the bed!  Laying on her side, trussed up like a turkey, she struggled to free herself, but it was no use!  Soon, the stranger returned, fondling her beautifful ass and running his hands across her breasts.  Her lngerie was far too skimpy to provide much protection as he slapped her rump until it glowed a bright red!  Sobbing, she fought her bonds as the stranger took more and more liberties with her, sucking her toes and even using a riding crop on her blistering bottom!  Finally, he left her alone, still bound and gagged and helpless.  She tugged on her bonds for all she was worth, but knew she was stuck fast until someone came in.  She could only hope the next visitor wouldn't be as horrid as the last!

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