051 - Mabel's Escape Challenge

15:50 video

Mabel wants to add something different to her performing resume, and she believes becoming an escape artist will be just the thing to set her on top as a performer.  She needs practice, though, and I am just the guy to give it to her.  She works hard to escape the tight ropes that lash her ankles, knees and legs together, twisting her body back and forth, but she can't seem to manage an escape.  Her wrists are of no help, tied behind her back, and the ropes encircling her upper body cause her huge breasts to strain against the fabric of her blouse.  She finally admits she can't get loose, but I don't let folks quit until they have given it their all.  She simply needs more motivation, and a big fat ball gag strapped into her mouth is a good start!!  I ease the strain on her blouse by unbuttoning it so that her big boobs are on display in their lovely bra, and I leave the angry woman to work a bit harder on getting loose.  She thrashes around in impotent desperation but it is still no use, so I have to motivate her even further by pulling off her skirt, tying a nice tight crotch rope on her, and putting her into a hogtie!  I tell her I'll be inviting some friends over who will definitely enjoy the view, so she'd better get free while she can, before they decide to enjoy other things!  Frustrated and helpless, the poor girl does her best.  My friends are in for quite a show!!

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